Volume B contains the chapters:
• Differential Calculus
• Integral calculus

It is structured in 15 sections so that the concepts and corresponding exercises become distinct.
It follows the structure of the textbook.
Each section includes:
• Theory with observations and theoretical highlights of prerequisite knowledge
• Solved exercises with methodology, categorized accordingly with the data – requested and framed with appropriate comments

Suggested Questions – Exercises
• Theory questions, True/False, multiple choice, assertions
• Exercises for a solution of graded difficulty and corresponding categorization with the solved ones
• Utilization of textbook exercises
(Connection of school – Panhellenic Examinations)

Volume B also includes:
• Combined exercises – Repeated Evaluation Tests
• Replay Guide:
– Proofs – Theory questions – Assertions
– 148 A, B, C, D subjects respectively of the Panhellenic exams

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




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