This book was written according to the syllabus for the course of Chemistry 2nd grade.

It contains four (4) chapters and each chapter is organized in teaching units, each of which includes:

  • Detailed presentation of the theory in the form of questions-answers
  • Questions to answer (with multiple choice questions, right-wrong, right-wrong with justification, matching, completion, development)
  • Problem solving methodology and solved examples
  • Problems for solution of graded difficulty, according to the requirements of the Theme Bank of I.E.P.
  • Evaluation Tests per unit and iteratively at the end of each chapter
  • 10 Repeat Evaluation Tests for the entire curriculum

At the end of the book there are the answers-solutions to the exercises-problems of the textbook.

The publication is accompanied by the Solutions Book -which is offered free of charge – which includes the answers to the questions and the detailed suggestions – solutions to the problems and the evaluation tests of the book.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover