The book includes the lessons 35 to 50 of the school textbook, which are included in the exam material of the Latin of the 3rd grade High School 2021-2022, according to the new instructions of the Ministry of Education. In more detail, in each lesson it offers the necessary tools for approaching texts and theory:

  • Text (in semantic order of the terms) – Translation
  • Information material
  • By period grammar recognition – vocabulary – syntactic analysis with theoretical support
  • Etymological – verbal associations of Latin types with words of Greek (ancient or modern) or other European languages ​​and with Latin phrases
  • Grammatical word processing (word classification, adjective and adverb quotation marks, conjugation, clitic tables, temporal and inflectional verb substitutions, etc.)
  • Syntactic word processing (conversions: shares in sub-sentences, sentences in share phrases, active syntax in passive and vice versa, direct speech in indirect and vice versa)
  • Supervisory presentation of the course theory
  • Answers to the textbook exercises
  • Suggested exercises (text comprehension, etymological correlation, grammar, syntax)
  • Evaluation tests (translation, grammar, syntax)

At the end of the publication are given the answers of the repetitive exercises of the textbook, repetitive evaluation tests for self-action, the answers of the suggested exercises and the evaluation criteria.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover