Volume A contains the chapters:
• Limit – Continuity of a function
• Differential Calculus (up to Rate of change)

It is structured in 19 sections so that the concepts and corresponding exercises become distinct.
It follows the structure of the textbook.
Each section includes:
• Theory with observations and theoretical highlights of prerequisite knowledge
• Solved exercises with methodology, categorized accordingly with the data – requested and framed with appropriate comments

Suggested Questions – Exercises
• Theory questions, True/False, multiple choice, assertions
• Exercises for a solution of graded difficulty and corresponding categorization with the solved ones
• Utilization of textbook exercises (Connection of school – Panhellenic Examinations)

Volume A also includes:
• Combined exercises
• Iterative Evaluation Tests
• Revision Guide (A, B, C, D subjects respectively of the Panhellenic exams)

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




768 + 352