The book follows the new program for the teaching, the material and the evaluation of Latin of the 2nd grade General High School, Humanitarian Orientation Group [Government Gazette 3971 – Government Gazette 4177 – Indicative Teaching Proposal from the Ministry of Education].
It offers the necessary tools for approaching texts and theory. In more detail, each course includes:

  • Modern Greek rendering of the text by semantic units
  • Linking the text with the historical, social and cultural context
  • Grammar – syntactic investigation at times with theoretical support
  • Etymological – verbal associations of Latin types with words of Greek (ancient-modern) or other European languages ​​and Latin phrases
  • Sorting words, clit tables and syntactic conversions
  • Analytical theory of grammatical-syntactic phenomena
  • Answers to the exercises in the textbook
  • Consolidation exercises (text content, grammar, etymological correlation, use of Latin phrase, syntax, Latin rendering of a modern Greek sentence).

The version includes:

  • Systematic presentation of the textbook introduction and closed-ended questions
  • Indicative list of stereotypical Latin phrases with examples of insertion in a prepositional environment of Modern Greek
  • Evaluation tests for all material
  • Answers to consolidation exercises and evaluation tests.
Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover