This book is addressed to the students of the 2nd Grade of General High School who follow the group of Positive Orientation courses.
The main aim is to offer the students the appropriate theoretical support for a deeper understanding of the curriculum (according to the new curriculum) of the course, thus contributing substantially to their success in the promotion exams.
Based on the above aim, the structure was designed and the material of the book was organized so that it is a tool for a complete and efficient study.

In particular, volume A includes three (3) chapters:
Chapter 1: Curvilinear movements
Chapter 2: Maintaining momentum
Chapter 3: Kinetic Theory of Gases [+ Molecular Velocity Distribution: Zartman Experiment and Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution]

Each chapter is organized into sections that contain:

  • Theory
  • Methodology and solved exercises
  • Answer questions (multiple choice questions, True-False questions, multiple choice questions with justification)
  • Exercises to be solved
  • Evaluation tests

It is accompanied by the Solutions Book, with the answers to the topics and the detailed solutions of the exercises of the book.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




416 + 112