The new educational book Modern Greek 1st grade High School – Theory and Teaching Suggestions for the Unified Examination of Modern Greek Language and Literature is a comprehensive teaching proposal aimed at the new evaluation method [Government Gazette 4134/09/09/2021] and at the material of the Subject Bank of Graded Difficulty .

It is organized into forty (40) Teaching Proposals and twenty (20) Thematic Units.
Each Teaching Proposal includes:
A. Theory: I. Modern Greek Language and II. Literature
with examples and applications drawn from Topic Bank texts
B. Exercises / Theory applications [400 in total]
C. Evaluation Tests [40 in total], structured in four (4) subjects
of the Unified Examination Competition

The basic version is accompanied by an Answer Book with detailed answers to all Exercises and Evaluation Tests.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




600 + 244