The 2nd volume of the educational book for the subject of Physics 2nd gradeHigh School (Positive Studies Orientation Group) was written according to the new curriculum. This volume includes and analyzes in detail the last two chapters of the curriculum for the subject of Physics, ie the 4th chapter: Thermodynamics and the 5th chapter: Electric field.

Each chapter of the book is organized into thematic sections and each of them includes:

  • Typology
  • Complete and detailed theory
  • Methodology, comments, remarks and examples of application
  • Solved exercises
  • Questions to answer (multiple choice, right / wrong type, fill in the blanks, multiple choice pairing / matching with justification)
  • Exercises to be solved
  • Evaluation tests 45 min and 120 min
  • Multiple choice iterative topics with justification (according to the requirements of the Theme Bank)
  • Revision exercises

The publication is accompanied by the Solutions book -which is offered free of charge- which includes the answers to the questions and the detailed solutions of the exercises and the evaluation tests of the book.

After the announcement of the Theme Bank of I.E.P. for the course of Physics 2nd gradr High School (Orientation of Positive Studies) this edition will be supplemented with an issue which will include the speeches and the detailed and complete answers – solutions of the Theme Bank.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




448 + 160