“Those were the years of colonialism, when enslaved peoples sought their freedom.”

Nikiforos and Nafsika, from a young age, felt a special sympathy for each other, which gradually transformed into something deeper, more beautiful and bigger.

As they grew up they made thousands of dreams for the future. But perhaps fate, God or the Universe conspired against them. Maybe it was the coincidences and the events that countered their happiness.

Nikiforos at the age of seventeen was forced to into the mountains as a partisan and Nafsika was suddenly left alone. That autumn night he secretly went to meet her, it would be unforgettable for both of them. But, when dawn came, Nafsika was startled. And from then on she lived every moment in agony and fear until the first signs of pregnancy filled her with despair.

The fate of Nafsika was inextricably linked to adventure and the fate of the homeland. The same goes for Nikiforos. Around the Wind, as he was now called, a cobweb-like intrigue was woven. One of his co-fighters accused him of treason and led him into the hands of the British. He lost his honor and reputation, was despised by society and wronged in his life. So that great love was not going to thrive.

Could one change one’s life when an invisible hand determines everything?

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

Soft Cover








May 2020