In the autumn of 1949, Angeliki leaves her island without leaving a trace and changes the course of her life forever. Many years later, she leaves her namesake granddaughter an envelope with three keys and a letter: “… Apart from the house on the island, I bequeathed you something else, which you will discover when you look into the eyes of your soul. The keys unlock my past and your future. Go to the island. There you will find the answers … ”

The granddaughter’s trip to the island will be transformed into a journey of revelation. That summer she will discover her grandmother’s occult past, she will find out who the enigmatic woman was who left her mark indelibly. At the same time, she will go deeper into herself and chart her own path, searching for true love, the only one, which over the centuries remains unchanged.

A Novel that unfolds in parallel at two different times and spans a century, unfolding old and new human stories.

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 20 cm

Soft Cover