It was a great promise to herself. A dream of life as simple as a gesture. It was the paradise everyone was looking for, even her mother, who talked to her about it every day.
Thus, Roxane from Bulgaria, when she was little, constantly listened to the story told to her by her mother about Alexander, her father, who lived in Greece.
Growing up, young and beautiful, she trusted the people who would help her come to the “promised land” to find the father she had never met.

It was then that her dream became a nightmare. The story became a fairy tale. Freedom became slavery. Her paradise a hell. And her miserably tortured life, as a luxury prostitute, chosen by others for her, a long lonely journey.
Trapped in a place that betrayed her, frustrated by people who did not want to recognize her and hold her in their arms, frightened by the darkness of the ruthless adventurers who constantly surrounded her, she tries to find the thread that will free her from the terror and shame.
Roxane’s story really looks like a fairy tale and is dedicated to women around the world who fought with all their might to survive and free themselves from the shackles of forced prostitution. The heroines who experience in their soul and body all the morbidity of human society.

A shocking novel about trafficking, the brutal crime of human trafficking, this modern form of slavery that is difficult to detect and even more difficult to combat.

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

Soft Cover








May 2019