I will tell you a story, for the first time, but it will be as if you have lived it again, as if for years some others had woven the scarf of truth.

It was a summer night and the full moon took on a crimson color like blood and the whole sky died, and everyone was scared then, because such a moon before its loss is a bad sign …

But the sound of Orpheus’ harmonica, far away, reached infinity. Eurydice was sitting in the icy sand and watching him speechless. There was a silence between them for a while and she, discouraged, asked him: “You sit alone in the middle of the night, playing the harmonica and looking at the sea, as if waiting for something. Really, what are you waiting for? ” “Eternity,” Orpheus replied. He smiled and looking at her his thoughts traveled to the narratives of the ancient Greek religion, where Eurydice took the mind of the demigod Orpheus and his love and desire for her took him down to Hades.

And you, who believed in fairy tales, smiled innocently, but the past reached you unsuspectingly and marked your wounds, while you drowned in a golden-red river. The same gold and red as the ring you are wearing now, a heirloom of a love affair, painful.

Strange now that you have to write the end of this story … But you are a woman and, as a woman, only you can challenge time; only you will give birth to love. You are earth and, like earth, only you sow fiery flowers, only you celebrate with the rain. And as you dance in the circles of life, silently, you will become a dream, a longing, a song for me.

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

Soft Cover








March 2018