In this novel, Gerald Messandier tells the story of Matthias, a man who, in search of love, lives an adventure that begins in 1745 and ends in the 20th century.
A teenager falls madly in love with a girl of his age, but who is turned away from him. Inconsolable, he invokes the Devil to bring back the one he loves. The Devil gives him an awesome gift: the ability to give life to any image he paints. Over the years, Matias will create women, looking in each of them for his lost love, love in general. But he will only be able to discover the complexity of this feeling that he haunts from century to century, since Matthias himself is constantly regenerated, in order to continue his search.
Traveling the world and time he will go to Venice, Paris of Louis XV, London and America. Followed by Rome, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Lhasa and, in the 1920s, Paris. But every time he thinks that he has finally found peace, the Devil engages him in new adventures.
(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions23 × 15 cm

Soft Cover