The man raises his hand and marks. The seven shots that are heard turn pale in front of the child’s cry: “Father…”. True or false? Random event or vendetta? Situations get complicated and take an uncontrollable turn.

A second death follows – this time a woman. “Women and young boys are not killed. Look elsewhere for the killer. Not in the vendetta… »The words of the mystics sound utopian.

“Take our girl and get away immediately from Crete. It will not be long before another evil happens. Leave… »A mother and her daughter, in one night, disappear from the face of the earth. A key stays hanging on the wall and a mantinada stands unfinished.

Mountains and seas, songs and curses, rage and caress. In the contrasts of fire, people build their dreams. However, willpower and passion are not enough. Everything can be overturned instantly.

An endless cycle of blood continues and the old vendetta, like a nightmare, spreads terror between two villages in Crete. Words have never been strong enough to describe such extreme emotions. What could bring about the reconciliation, the coveted Sasmo?

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 20 cm

Soft Cover








April 2019