“THE FOUR DIAMONDS” are an equal number of short stories with which the author aims to present to the reader older times and to compare them with the modern reality expressed by one of the four short stories in the book.
Man is always the central hero, with his extreme perceptions and attitudes, for simple things that he turns involuntarily or intentionally into problems, sometimes social and sometimes personal. Even when his relationships extend to his surroundings which are the animals that live with him.
Egocentric and selfish, he creates with his imagination various scenarios that concern and burden only his fellow human beings and never himself. In all ages he remains the same, clinging to his ideologies and his personal interest, indifferent to others.
But this rule often has its exceptions, as is the case with Ermina in “Two Insane Loves” and “Grandma Mariam” in the story of the same name. In both cases, goodness is rewarded with cruelty.
“The Four Diamonds”, are four original masterpieces, written in a masterful way reminiscent of prose from other eras. As in all his books, here too the author exercises with sarcasm a constant and strict control of human relations and social conditions, in which these relations evolve and mutate always guided by the individual and only interest.
(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

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