Stetino Poland, 1988.
Eighteen-year-old Vasa Orlanov is arrested for the brutal murder of the owner during a party to kick off the summer at the Viscos’s mansion. Everything leads to the conclusion that his motive was the theft of a painting of inestimable value. However, nothing explains the young man’s crime against the man who benefited him for years and intended to support him in his higher musical studies as a pianist.

Mountainous Corinth, 2018.
In the steep turns of snowy Ziria, a car falls off a cliff and is engulfed in flames. Agni Georgiou is pulled out dead from inside. When the police authorities find out her connection with the infamous and internationally wanted Orlanov, they immediately inform Interpol. Police agent Nikolas Stasinos rushes to Greece from Lyon and collaborates with police officer Niovi Petrou of the Corinth Department, in order to track down the criminal.

Two diametrically opposed people are forced to join forces, looking for evidence from the past and embark on a journey against time together in Poland, France and Greece. Their common goal is to capture a cold-blooded killer who has been on the run for more than two decades.
And then unthinkable crimes and guilty secrets, buried in darkness and silence, are revealed. Unconventional loves and creepy truths that dare not be told come to light. The souls of the dead demand justification …

A shocking detective novel, with a fascinating plot full of twists and an end that no one could have predicted!

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

Soft Cover








June 2021