1881. Thessaly with the Treaty of Constantinople returns to mother Greece. Many Greeks of Asia Minor buy large estates and come to settle in the Thessalian plain that is boiling with the reaction of impoverished farmers who see their dreams fade.

Achilles Konstantinidis, the son of a great estatelorde from Trikala, a restless spirit and a great ladies man, from a turn of Fortune and Need, will be engaged to the little orphan Irene, the girl who dreamed of marrying his younger brother Christos.

The hidden rivalry and hatred between the two brothers is burning. One ardent supporter of Diligiannis and the other Trikoupikos, will always stand opposite each other. The only thing that unites them, is the blind love for the same woman. The outbreak of the Greek-Turkish War in 1897 will bring the country to the brink of disaster and the two brothers will see their lives turned upside down.

(From the back cover of the book)

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November 2015