Outside the inn “The Painted Beard”, the graceful Earl of Morea dismounts, and…
… right where The Three Μusketeers end, his own story begins…

The intrigues of the court continue, as do the exploits of the genius Cardinal Armand Jean di Plessy, Duke of Richelieu, starring the dark Queen Anne, the melancholic King Louis XIII, and our new charming hero, the Earl of Morea, of mysterious origin…

The Earl of Morea arrives in Paris at a time when conspiracies are raging in the court against Louis, who has succeeded his murdered father, the wise King Henry IV.

But the only thing that seems to concern the new king is his passionate love for a young man… while his wife, whom he refuses to touch, seeing that she will never be able to have children with this man, plots a satanic conspiracy with the very collaboration of the queen mother!

But Cardinal Richelieu, the great figure of the Siege of La Rochelle, the great honoree of France, the eye of the beholder, leaves nothing to chance. A multi-faceted network of spies will expose the conspiracy in the eyes of Louis, and the Earl of Morea will stand by his half-brother…

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

Soft Cover








November 2021