The teaching book Physics 1st grade High School – Volume A contains the sections: Introduction, Rectilinear motion and Dynamics in one dimension of the teaching material for the Physics course.
Each of the sections is organized into chapters. The Rectilinear Motion section contains three (3) chapters: Position – Displacement – Space, Rectilinear Smooth Motion, Rectilinear Smoothly Varying Motion. The section Dynamics in one dimension contains four (4) chapters: The concept of force – Composition of collinear forces – Newton’s first law, Newton’s second law – The concept of weight – The concept of mass, The free fall of bodies, Vertical shot.
Each of the chapters includes:
• Analytical theory with examples
• Methodology – Comments – Observations
• Solved exercises
• Closed-ended comprehension questions (multiple choice, True / False, fill-in-the-blank, matching) and open type (multiple choice with justification)
• Exercises to solve
• Problems to be solved

The 1st volume is accompanied by a Book of solutions which includes the detailed answers – solutions to all the comprehension questions, exercises and problems of the main book.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




352 + 160