TV, glitter, fashion, beauty, money. The dream that many young children want to conquer. But how easy is their journey from start to finish? And what secrets does it hide in its course? How much happiness and how much pain?
Evelina, our heroine, started with dreams from her small provincial town for the big trip to the capital that she dreamed of as a child: To get what she missed. To meet her idol who from a young age rehearsed in front of her cracked mirror … How? By becoming a TV presenter. Successful. Beautiful. Rich. To be envied by women and to be coveted by men. But at what cost would she embody her dream? This is something she will experience from her first steps in the world of soubise! Where the concept of friendship is just a showcase. Where love sells out for sex. Where betrayal becomes a way of life. Where she will surpass her image. How much bottom did our heroine have to reach to become another star? At what price will she pay for her controversial success? How painful will her fall be?
“Souls from Money”: A novel in which the author Zina Koutselini demystifies the glow of some famous stars, through a world of beauty, full of traps, intrigues, betrayals, sex. A novel that takes your breath away for what we suspect, but we do not know … True TV stories from decades of protagonists!

(From the back cover of the book)

Dimensions14 × 21 cm

Soft Cover








September 2021