The educational book MODERN GREEK 2nd GRADE HIGH SCHOOL – Unified Examination of Modern Greek Language and Literature (edition 2021-22 – according to the NEW way of evaluation) is organized in three (3) axes:

1. Modern Greek Language – The theory, which includes three parts:
Part 1: Understanding the text
Part 2: Approaching the structure and language of the text
Part 3: Composing broader argumentative texts

2. Modern Greek Literature – The theory, which includes three parts:
Part 4: Understanding the literary text
Part 5: Approaching the language of the literary text: Narrative techniques and expressive means
Part 6: Producing texts of reading response and creative transformation

3. Twenty-five (25) didactic proposals, each of which contains information material for the thematic unit and Evaluation Tests simulated in the NEW way of evaluating the course, according to the instructions of the Government Gazette 4134/Β/9-9-2021.

The publication is accompanied by the ANSWER BOOK, which includes complete and detailed answers of all the Exercises-Applications and the Evaluation Tests and is offered free of charge.

Dimensions17 × 24 cm

Soft Cover




656 + 176